Philippines Facebook Users In Panic

August 29, 2012 four o’clock in the afternoon, Philippines Facebook users started to panic after finding their accounts are blocked.


Many Filipino Facebook users start to panic after finding that they cannot access their account. Although they have managed to retrieve their accounts after following the instructions by answering private security questions, changing email and password but still this creates a big fuss to Philippine users. Yes, it’s very surprising why this glitch happens only here in the Philippines.


Some users who are using their mobile phones to access their Facebook account thought it’s another Facebook mobile application’s problem. Until they’ve decided

to access their accounts using laptop or desktop and realize it is the site which has got the problem. At first you may thought it is some kind of glitch, but it doesn’t look like an ordinary site problem. The message says “someone is trying

to access your account” that scares anyone who read it after trying to log in.


This happened to hundreds of Philippine user, or maybe a thousand (until date there is no news or clarification from Facebook staff). Imagine a hundred or maybe a thousand users getting blocked at the same time. Every Philippine Facebook users are still waiting for any updates or news regarding this matter. Some deactivated their account for the meantime to keep their account safe from any hackers or scammer until such issue gets clarification from the site staff and Facebook admin.


2:01am Thursday

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