Phases Of A Broken Heart

It takes time to mend a broken heart and there are different phases to completely heal a broken heart.

How long does it take your heart to heal from a broken heart? How do you mend a broken heart without leaving a scar? There are different phases a broken heart must go through before he or she can say that it is healed completely.


Phases of a broken heart


*Denial – this is the crucial stage but once you passed this phase, the next stage would be easier. During denial stage, you are hoping for reconciliation especially if there’s a communication going on.

This is the stage of confusion and many questions that you wanted to clarify. Every answer from your question rebirth another question because you are denying every truth and clarification. On this stage you don’t know whose fault it is, you don’t know what or who to blame. Because your main concern was focused on your heart aches. Nothing can pacify you at this moment but tears.


*Clarification – during this stage slowly your mind is trying to digest the situation. You are calmer by this time and you can talk the matter to anyone with an open mind. All you want now is closure although the pain still there. This is the stage of truth and dare. You want to know the

truth but you dare not want to hear it.


*Acceptance- you are now trying to move on after those violent action and unexplainable reaction. By this time you were able to take away every little hope of reconciliation. It is either you can face your ex like an ordinary friend or you don’t want to see him anymore. A little pain might still there each time you hear his name or when you have a glimpse of him/her. That depends on how intimate the relationship you have shared with your ex. This period takes a little longer to deal because it’s not only about love or heartache but also a betrayed trust.


*Moving on- this is the stage of finding yourself. Now you are ready to give yourself a chance for a new love. Now you are ready to trust and maybe you are also ready to be hurt if ever.


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