How Beggars Beg

I know not everyone will agree with me, maybe some might feel annoyed with this write up. I am not trying to create any debate folks, this is my opinion and observation, hope everyone will take time to read before judging me.

People making lists, buying special gifts, maybe not expensive but I am sure it is really special for special person and loved ones. Malls, shopping centers everyday are full of shoppers or people checking what they’re going to buy once they receive their salary. Okay it is your money and not mine, you can spend it to anything you

want it is your right. However, have you ever thought of making a different this Christmas season?

Did you ever see a beggar wandering the streets, a homeless kid, or a disable elder trying to survive? Forget those people, they’re might be baits of syndicate or gang of bad people using these unfortunate ones for a living. But, come to think of it, there are legit institution where abandoned kids and elders needs a helping hand to reach them. Have you ever tried touching one or visit an orphanage in your life? Don’t you think this is the right time

for you to make a different even once in your lifetime?

Don’t give me that look please, I am not provoking anyone. I am trying to reach you, knocking at your heart for I know you are kind. Everyone has kindness within no matter how bad you think you are. Giving a part of your salary, even how small it is will give happiness to an orphaned kid who never owned a doll for her entire life. Your inexpensive gift will give a big smile to an elderly person abandoned for many years and never received a gift from a stranger or a loved one. This is the right time, I know you are thinking now…go, follow the path to any charity institution and you will find happiness and contentment that your heart misses long time ago. Your family, friends, loved ones will surely understand and be proud of you. Who knows, next Christmas, you are not alone visiting the orphanage but, your loved ones and friends will be joining you too.

Article Written By juny

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