A Pat On Your Shoulder

Not everyone who pats your shoulder is concern about you or your situation. Not everyone who shows empathy sympathizes sincerely.


Have you ever observed that when you are in great trouble people come offering help voluntarily. A long forgotten acquaintance suddenly exists to show they care. People in the neighborhood you haven’t had a single conversation comes to sympathize with your situation. Sounds odd and looks intriguing right? Where are these people hiding before a bad fate hit you on the road? It is understood that long forgotten ones maybe wants to make up with their absence and your situation is

just timely for them to compensate with the losses. Maybe those unexpected neighbors’ wants to cover their ungratefulness and only waited for the right time to approach you.


However, be aware that not everyone who comes showing their concern are

absolutely sincere, some only wants to gather information so they have something to share to other people behind your back. Some are taking advantage to make the situation worse and create more controversies to place you in humiliation. Bad people will take every opportunity to pull someone down. Therefore, when someone pats your shoulder in your down moments try to feel the sincerity. It is not easy to recognize sincere from insincere, but you can always tell who among them is real. A person who loves you from the start and never doubted who you are, are likely to be the trusted ones.



6-15-2012 10:11pm Friday 

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