Passionate Writers Are Romantic Lover

Poetry and songwriters usually is a passionate writer. They write by heart, speak their mind, express and share their emotion through writing. They are romantic but moody; they are passionate but not showy.

Passionate writers are romantic lovers or sentimental fools. They are romantic but they are also moody, a characteristic most writer does. Romantic in the sense of choosing places to spend with his or her special someone. A place close to nature, a place that speaks more than it does shows. Passionate writers are romantic lovers but not showy. They do not display sweet gestures in public, but they

have ways of making you feel you are important. They are expressive when it comes to writing, but they want privacy with their love life.

Passionate writers know how to trap their readers, but in real life, their lovers can easily trap them. When they fall in love, they tend to forget his or her self and focused life only with the one they love. They can express easily their thought

and emotions through writing, but in real life, they express their love in actions more than words. Passionate writers are moody when it comes to writing, but with their loves ones, there is no space for unwanted moods. They are always romantic like dark nights with or without the stars above.

Passionate writers are sentimental fools; maybe, because they live with love and love live on them. Love may hurt them, but they never find a way to hurt love. Love may give them sufferings, but they never look around to get even. Passionate writers are truly romantic, sentimental and often times outspoken in real life, but they knows how to spread love when surrounded with hate and anger. They know how to melt a stone heart and their heart turns stone once passion fades. Passionate writers are true lovers who never dream of unfulfilled promises but believe in destiny and fairy tales.

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