Parenting And Teenage Issues Part 2

We should not put all the blame to parents when teenage girls becomes pregnant and when teenage boys becomes a bad guy.


There are many factors to consider why some teenagers violate house rules and some reasons are justified enough to point fingers to some parents. But, no parents in sane mind ever dreamed of spoiling their kid’s future. Every parent wants to see their kids having a good life better than what they achieved. Nevertheless, if a child follow a different path or depart from parental guidance and moral values, blames shall not lie towards the parents anymore


Kids’ teenage stage

is the hardest part of parenting. This is the phase of experimentation and exploring things for teenagers. This is the stage wherein a parent needs to be alert of their kids’ activities beyond their reach. This
is the time where kids’ wants some space and feel more comfortable with their friends than with their parents. Parents must be very lenient with dealing teenagers not to drive away, but to bring them closer the most possible way.


During this stage, parents should be more of a friend image towards their kids. Teenagers are more helpless than the toddlers. Teen age life is full of questions that parents should post themselves as a listener and not a preacher. Parents should stand as their kids’ buddy and not an enemy.


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