Parenting And Teenage Issues

It’s fine to fall in love at a young age, but getting married is another thing.


This teenage marriage is a big issue around the globe no matter what country, culture or tradition may be. Even with few countries that observes child bride this tradition is still condemned by the majority in this modern time. Most countries do not allow teenage wedding but some religious group consent this matter secretly providing both families agree.


It’s hard to understand such tradition, but it is harder to make people understand the complication behind this teenage marriage. 


In my country the Philippines, teenage marriage is not

allowed. Girls cannot marry until she’s 18 years old and boys must be 21 years of age. However, it is alarming that many teenage girls and boys are now involved in an intimate relationship as early as puberty age. I have seen girls as young as 13 years old getting pregnant. But since teenage marriage is not allowed, young girls ended up
being unwed mothers. It’s very sad to see such young people spoiling their future.


This becomes the center of debate of this 20th century, whether to lower the marrying age or not.


I do not agree with teenage marriage. I believe marriage is not the solution to avoid teenage pregnancy rather, putting the younger generation’s future in prison outside the cell. To be a parent is easy, but an exemplary parenting has no proper guidelines to follow. However, with proper guidance and open communication with the children, it will help a lot to discuss even the most complicated matter.



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  • yummum  15-06-2016
    If anything I believe that the age of marriage should be higher rather than lower! People do not mature at the young age they used to. 30 is the new 20 and many grown adults are still acting like children! Also I feel that these days if you get married at a young age there is a greater chance of divorce within the first 5 years as many just aren't mature enough to stick with it through the tough times!!
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