Paid By A Hundred Folds

I arrived just exactly while the guard is calling numbers to get inside the room for the passport processing’s next step. I get inside the room after my number was called and found a vacant seat beside a teenage guy. After a while the guard came in and said in a loud voice “prepare exact payment if possible to avoid any delay due to change shortage”. The teenager looks at me with a worried face and said, “are we going to pay now”? I said “yes”. He then said, “I thought we’re going to pay on the release day. I

don’t have enough money for the payment and I can’t miss this chance because I badly needed my passport next week”. I understand that if he cannot pay today he will be rescheduled next week and wait another week for his passport to be released. He looks so tensed and dialed his phone. After he talked to someone I approached him and offered to lend him money for the payment. He was so surprised that I saw his face glow and again he did call on his phone. I handed him the money soon as the windows opened for the payment to start. He took the money, asks for my mobile phone number and said he will wait for me outside the building as soon we finished all the process. I just smiled at him and waited for our numbers to be called so we can proceed to the next step which is the interview.

The interview process takes only few minutes to finish. The processing officer handed me a receipt with the scheduled release date of my passport, I then find my way out of the building. On my way to the bus station I heard

someone calling ma’m, unconsciously I turn my head and saw the young guy. “Please come with me at the parking lot my dad just called me and he is waiting for us there, he said. He never gives me the chance to speak, he pulled my hand and said “so I can give your money back, please”. I smiled and walk with him to the parking lot. He introduces me to his dad and his dad said “honestly, I don’t know how to say thank you but if you don’t mind I want to invite you for a seminar that I am going to host this afternoon. I am on my way there now so if you please”? On our way to the venue I have learned that the young guy needed his passport so badly for a family trip going to Switzerland for his birthday treat. At the seminar venue the young guy’s dad gave me a form and asks me to fill it up. While examining the form he explained that it’s a membership form and that is his way of thanking my kindness. He said “please sign it so I can pay for your membership then you may claim the products and other inclusive benefits”. Later I found out that the young guy’s father is one of the biggest earners of a particular networking company that holds the seminar where he is the speaker of the day.

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