This Is Our House – A Poem

What is a house and when do you consider a livable place called a house? Do you live in a mansion with less people around you or do you live on a cube trying to squeeze in with many others.


A rusty roof of tin cans to shelter from the storm and sunny weather
Walls made from cardboard to hide a family of ten
Old news papers and magazines make a colorful double walling
This is our house if

you consider this is an ideal home


Our house is not alone build on the foot of a mountain
A mountain of smelly rotten garbage hides from the royal eyes
Away from mansions and bungalows of imported pets
Kept from the sight of tourists and fellowmen


Our playground is full of bacteria and germs
We played expensive damaged toys dogged out from dirt
Clothes we wear comes from garbage delivery trucks
We can afford to eat foods from any food chains, only the left overs


Our house is a mansion enough to accommodate ten people
You can squeeze yourself if you want

to know how ten people fit in
Try to visit our place and understand why we don’t use perfume
Feel the summer heat where you can tan naturally with less effort


Our house is not a fine house but better than an empty palace
Our place is always noisy and much better than a silent tower
Our environment is smelly but no closets that hides skeleton from justice
Our toys and clothes are rug but our laughter is not fancy


Our house is made of rusty tin cans from your powdered milk
Our walls made of cardboard from your packages abroad
This is our house and everyone is invited to see
Maybe then you can define the real meaning of a home to me


7:33am Tuesday



Article Written By juny

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