Open Letter Of An Overseas Worker

After reading a shared letter of an overseas worker, I decided to write this article. I might not be able to translate every word from the original script, but I wish I could share the same emotion as if the overseas worker wants to convey to everyone who can read this.

Overseas workers are rich!

Indeed, overseas workers are rich, that’s how everyone defines a laborer who works overseas. Yes, we are rich because we can afford to ride on a plane and pay a big amount to agencies. Yes, we are rich because we can afford to travel and visit other

country and places when our employers take us for holidays or vacation escapades. Yes, we are rich because we have eaten other cuisines and tasted different foods aside from our native delicacies. Yes, we are rich because we can buy imported goods from the country we are working with. Yes, we are rich because we can speak and learn other languages as well.

Before you open your mouth and say we are showy, arrogant and we become unreachable from an ordinary person we are, please consider these things first. We, overseas workers did not pay our air ticket to visit other country, we travel abroad to work not for a holiday or to relax. We work hard for every single cent that

we earned. If we come back home wearing imported clothes, it is because that is what the stores sell where we worked. If, we buy expensive present for our loved ones, it is because they are the cause of our sacrifices working abroad. If we have money to spend for a family outing during our vacation, because we owe ourselves bonding moments with our loved ones after missing them for a year or two.

Are those the reasons why you think overseas workers are rich? Oh well, we decided not to correct anyone who commented, “overseas workers are rich”, because we are too tired explaining our status abroad. However, we have one suggestion to make, why don’t you try to go abroad and work like we do, in that manner, you will come to discover what we are doing overseas and why we are rich. In addition, you will stop feeling envy why we can afford to buy latest gadgets that we give ourselves as consolation for working as slaves in other country. Again, overseas workers are rich; yes, we are rich with dreams for our family’s future to fulfill.

5-31-2012 11:00pm Thursday PT

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