The Only And Best Thing I Can Offer Is Love- A Poem

What shall I do to make you stay, what shall I say to make you listen. I have nothing to offer but love, so, if you still insist to leave, bring my love. Because, my heart can’t love anyone, but you.



No more talk in the darkness with fears in your face
Forget the wide-eyed wonders of questions that un-answered
I am here to hold you and make you feel secured
To give you assurance when your world start falling apart
And let

my words warm and calm you.


Let me be your freedom in your prisoners mind
Let me be your daylight in the darkness of your soul
I am here with you, I am here beside you
My love will guide you in your troubled times
My love will guard you in your solitude.


Let me be your shelter in the rainy days
Let me be your light in moonless nights
With me you are safe, no one can

harm you
Put your fears far behind you
Nevertheless, enjoy freedom with the love that I offer you.


Then hold me and hide me inside your heart
Say you need me and let’s share one tender moment
Share with me each day, every night and morning
Let me feel you need me here besides you
Bring me anywhere and every place you want to go.


Do you feel the same feeling that I do?
Promise me that everything you will say is true
And say you will share with me one love one lifetime
Because the only thing I can offer once you leave, is love
A love that is selfless and bound to eternal life.

Article Written By juny

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