Online Love - A Realization



Love was a stranger for me for many years, until you came into my life.
I never thought that I could love someone like you.
Someone who never believes that love exists in far away land as I do.
We never thought that love would be like this, like a world that only exists in our dreams.
That becomes real when I found you, and you accepted me without hesitation, no doubts as well.



Our love started to grow with difficulties, laboring with pain and tears.
The distance between us make it hard for our touch to feel the warm of our embrace.
Sometimes we misunderstood each other due to jealousy that we cannot explain.
Words are not enough to say how much we longed to hold each other and be together, to hold forever.
We keep holding on for this love that we build with trust in our own world that is called “online love”.


Love comes from the most unexpected places, and internet is one of those places on this earth.
They say love is just around that you don’t need to search, and we found each other not that far.
Some say

love will come when you least expect, and we love each other without asking for it.
Love, never ever say we’re sorry, and we never felt sorry when we felt love is in our hearts.
Because love keep us together, never stopped us believing that love will find a way.

Internet love is not a fad, it’s not a game. It do happen the least you expect it would happen.
You can never even say you never ask for it, nor you will never indulge yourself with such kind of fun.
It’s never a fun, because it is for real and it hurts more than real.
Internet love is even harder to maintain than real life love affair. Because you cannot touch the person, you cannot feel.

When there is misunderstanding, you cannot hug the person to make him/her feel that you are sorry or you admit your fault that easy.
So, before you cast your judgment, be considerate that, those people behind internet are real; they have feelings and emotions because they are real people separated by distance and internet makes them feel the nearness of each other.

Article Written By juny

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