One Year Love Affair

Do you still remember how and where did you meet your special someone? Do you still remember the feeling the first time you saw his or her face? How about the expression, can you still figure the surprise and does the feeling stay the same after a year?

It’s been a year and the feeling stays the same. Nothing has changed after all the pain and happy memories that we have shared. Sometime in summer when you cross the path that I am crossing and you gave me a smile that grows like vine. That smile penetrates my soul; engulf my

cold heart magically. Suddenly a promise of love lives deep inside of me, wishing one love one lifetime.

It is summer time and it is been a year, but it seems yesterday when we started a story of our own. A summer love when blue moon comes once in every two years. Yes, like blue moon seldom

seen, our love is beyond compare. I never thought it’s been a year since you set fire in my dimmed life. It seems hour just passed since you color my world with love. It is been a year since you inspired me to continue dreaming and gather the stars above.

How can I go on without you by my side, since you made me empty when you are not around? How can I survive a day without you since you made me feel complete each time you are here? How can I start counting another year if you will not stay another minute with me now? How can I say “Happy Anniversary” when your shadow left with yesterday? It is been a year since our love starts one day in a summer, when rain keeps our secret moments together.

Article Written By juny

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