One Woman Dies For Dowry Every 20 Minutes

Dowry is a custom since ancient time, therefore, its existence is hardly to eliminate like other old tradition that still exists in this modern era. If sharing this photo can save one life, I am grateful to spend a day sharing this photo to save more lives.

Dowry is money, good or state that a woman brings on her wedding. Like old tradition and custom, that still exists in this modern era, dowry system still much observed most in Southern part of Asia. This dowry also reflects the family status of the bride and use to climb in higher society to

pay a groom. However, why women need to pay a life for this dowry system? Most people never understand this part especially those who came from a country that do not observe such custom or tradition. Is this dowry a curse to every woman born in countries that observe this custom and tradition? Is being born a girl is cursed in a family that lives in countries having dowry system? If that is the case, every woman who is against this dowry system also has the right to curse her


Born a woman are not a choice and no woman wish to die because of dowry. No man can multiply alone without a woman and no great or wise men grow without a mother who had given birth one. Man and woman are both human, therefore, why treat a woman lesser than the man. If other countries survive without dowry system, why others cannot throw this dowry system and gives their woman equal treatment and freedom like men enjoys. What if the system will turn the other way round, what would men feel treated lesser than women will. What men would feel thinking the possibility of beaten to death due to dowry system? What would men feels being cursed because he is born a man? Finally, when will women from these countries taste the freedom of life?

Sharing my thoughts, like how people shared the photo in every social sites, hoping to save one by bringing this issue globally.


here is the Photo

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