One Starless Night – A Poem

Alone in the darkness whispering your name like a prayer I chant hoping you would hear. Asking the gods to open your heart and let me in where I can stay forever wherever you are my love.


Total darkness covered the skies above my head
No shadow of moonlight, no sign of stardust
A starless night of dreams and sighs, then
Suddenly lightning draws a golden spark
And thunder roar as the rain drops fall



Rain made sounds like horses on the run
The wind blows like horns from the trumpet throne
As if calling all graves to give their deaths one last breathe
On this starless night to meet a love once left
Giving last chance to fulfill any broken promises


A chilly night and starless skies with heavy rains
Wrapped my body like cold embrace of unspoken spell
Where witches bewitched the prince of the seas
Burning bridges of forbidden love and marriages
Chanting prayers to bless every soul of

unresolved mysteries


Branches sway like graceful dancers on a play
Leaves flutter like wings of a fallen angel
Heavy rain keeps falling like percussion rhyme with the orchestra
Hiding un-tuned melody like heartbeat of devastated lovers
Separated by fate or faith where destiny condemned


Starless night tell me when does bluemoon shines?
To conquer the darkness with her once a year appearance
With a dying ember waiting a ray of hope
To cast glowing fragment that wishes upon the stars
And make all dreams that love shall stay forever in every hearts


8:23am Tuesday


Article Written By juny

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