One Day In Your Life

One day in your life, you will remember me touching your face full love, full of grace. One day in your life, you will regret for true love you never thought exist, love once you ignored, a love once you never hold. Then one day you will realize and look for me, but, all is left are fragments of faded memories.


One summer day I ask your name
You smiled and turn away from me
One fine day I said hello
You look at me and walk the other way



Each day I hope to hear your voice
Each day I wish to hold your hands
Each day I pray, you’ll look at me
Each time you pass by ignoring me


Days turn into a week
Weeks turn into a month
Months are gone, turns into a year
You’re still the same, cold but dear



summer day I tried once more
I cross my fingers hoping for a miracle
I sit by your side and said, “how are you”
You look at me, emotionless and empty


My heart stopped for one second
The world froze for one hour
For one moment I realized, I wasted one-half of my life
For one more time tears run dry


One rainy day I sit in the park
Your shadow came and offer me some warm
I look at you and said, “thanks, don’t bother now”
It’s been a year and I forgot who you are.

Article Written By juny

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