Once There Was A Love- A Poem

Every love story has a beginning and every love story has different ending. Because every story has to end, whether it is happy or sad, nothing should lasts forever and perfect situation must go wrong. Once upon a time, there is a love that never knows the end until something went wrong and left a story of once there was a love.


Once there was a love written inside two hearts
A love engraved deeper than any ocean
Once there was a love,

sweeter than morning dew
Lovelier than the first sunrise after each rains


Once there was a love shared by two hearts
Colorful than rainbow and a pot of gold
Once there was a love, stronger than hard rock
Carved inside a special

room in their heart


Once there was a love cherished by two loving hearts
Treasured like a diamond, unpolished uncut
Once there was a love, filled with devotion
Greater than any imagination


Once there was a love that grows in two hearts
It was yours and mine, but now I feel all alone
Wondering what went wrong and I cannot pretend
Once there was a love, but that was long ago

5-31-2012 10:53pm Thursday PT

Article Written By juny

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