Once In Every Life!

Everyone wants to have a happy ending story, like those fairy tales “and they live happily ever after”
Few people are so lucky to have one, but, most ending are not the same.
We fall in love with happy ending stories, we cry with tragic endings.



Once in every life, there comes a time that we laugh and we cry.
We feel these mixed emotions of gladness and tears.
An overwhelming happiness that words cannot express,
But, in tears and laughter, a better way to show what

our heart feels.


Once in every life, we said goodbye.
No matter how we tried to keep things or relationship to lasts.
Truth is we can never hold everything in the palm of our hands,
But, we can

only save the moments and memories alive in our minds.


Once in every life, we live and die.
Old ones fade making a way for new life to come.
This is how life begins and how it ends, remembering the past for a new day to lasts,
That once in every life we laugh, we cry, we live and die.


In this world, only love stays forever as it lives in the heart of every people.



6-14-2012 1:43am Thursday 

Article Written By juny

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