Old Tale Of Superstitious Beliefs

Superstition alone define that believing in it believes in false conception. However we cannot blame other people for having faith due to little coincidence happening around.


Old folks tell us stories about superstitious beliefs as old as life. Here in my country we have so many superstitions, some are funny and some sounds scary. Decades ago our old folks uses these superstitions to scare small kids and keep them indoor especially night time. Not only with small kids but even adults and our old folks have strong beliefs with superstitions. During full moon and the night is too bright tempting kids

to play outside, elders would tell us stories about supernatural beings. When the night is dark and only stars glimmering above, they say ghosts and white lady will show around.

Those were the days of ancient times where electricity hasn’t

reaches towns and provinces. When roads are too dusty with creepy cracking sounds of bamboos and branches are heard when travelling around. When wild animals roam during dark nights and free to attack their victims leaving no trace or left bodies with grossly death. Such incidents old people connect to superstitions and supernatural beings, but many are still doubtful due to poor evidences. I wonder if those red glaring eyes mistaken for demons are owned by vicious beasts. While those white lady, ghosts and spirits are mists or fogs forming unidentified images.

So where are those supernatural being goes? Or maybe aliens have alienated their territories.



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