Nutty Jell-o Dessert Easy Tips Recipe

If you think only kids love Jell-o, you’re wrong. Check this recipe and I am sure you will start loving Jell-o for dessert and sweets.

Jell-o from stores is naturally sweet and kids love it. I like it too, especially lychee flavor (yummy). I want to share a simple recipe with Jell-o as main ingredient. This is very simple and a very good alternative for your macaroni, chicken or potato salad. Nutty Jell-o dessert and sweets is cheaper compared to fruit salad or chicken macaroni/chicken potato salad. Here are the steps and ingredients that you will need. This recipe is good

for 25-30 servings. You can lessen or add the ingredients according to your desire.

5 packs Powdered Jell-o (cooked according to instruction). The powdered Jell-o I use is the one which is available here in our place. Check your Jell-o powder and cook depends with how many person/serving you would likely to serve.
2 packs 200g Nestle Cream
2 cans sweetened milk
1 can Whole kernel sweet corn
200g cheese
100g peanut

1. Cook

the powder Jell=o according to instruction. Let it cool until firm enough and cut to your desired size. Preferably, bite size not too small and not too thick. Set aside.
2. Slightly pound/grind the peanut- not pulverized and you can mix it with the sliced Jell-o.
3. Mix nestle cream and sweetened milk, whipped manually and gradually add grated cheese until the mixtures blended well and pour into the Jell-o.
4. Add the whole kernel sweet corn and mix the ingredients.
5. Refrigerate and serve cold.
6. Serves 25-30

You can also add raisins, kaong and nata de coco if you want. You can add more sweetened milk if you desire to make it taste sweeter. The more servings you want, the more ingredients you must add. It’s simple, easy and inexpensive dessert, ideal for birthday and other occasions.

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