Now You Are Just Somebody That I Use To Know

There are certain people in our lives that must be consider as somebody that we used to know. People that becomes a part of our life but are not meant to stay with us forever.


So many people have become a part of us, part of our past, part of our present and people that we might be meeting in the future. Some stay some go, some leave some remain. Few of them have gone to rest while the others left unnoticed. But there are certain people who are once close to us, they even shared most important files in our

lives but due to unclear reason slowly they drifted away. Maybe some left with reasonable decision but others are gone with no confirmation. No matter how painful it is we have to accept that relatively in this life nothing is permanent.


In case one day our paths will meet, I wonder if we feel the

same way like it was before. Would we recognize each other and say hello like nothing happened or are we going to ignore and pretend our eyes haven’t met? What would I say or how would you react? Maybe a smile and a simple greeting is enough to signal that nothings ever change. Maybe a small talk over a cup of coffee would be fine to convey that we miss each other. But what if the feeling is not the same and you prefer to miss the second chance or I feel it’s not worth a second try? Shall we walk away and say to ourselves “he/she is just somebody that I use to know”.


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