Not Everyone That Loves You Needs You

Maybe part of love is learning to let go. Perhaps this is true because we do not need everyone that we love and we do not love everyone that we need.


We love our friends, relatives and family members. We love so many people around us, but we do not need all of them. I am not saying that we must discard them in our life I am saying; there are people in particular that we cannot live without. Of course we love our parents and who can live without them. But, some people may claim they can live without their

parents because from the start they never know who their real parents are. Yes, the adopted or abandoned kids can clearly tell us so. They can say they love their parents for bringing them into this world; however they do not need them to be a part of their future.

Not everyone that we make friends with is helpful to us in many

ways. Some even put us in trouble or trying to influence us with bad habits. We still consider them as friends hoping we can help them to change, but not necessarily we need them in our lives. We want them to see a brighter future because we love them as friends. Maybe they can tell us the same thing, they love us but they don’t need us, until they realize our value. Even our own sister or brother can ignore us sometimes because they felt they don’t need us although they love us like we do.

Loving does not always need someone to be around all the time. Sometimes distances give us space to know who those important ones that we really need in our lives.


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