Not All Goodbyes Are Sad

A goodbye usually means sadness, pain or something that make us tears. So, why some people said, letting go of someone you love no matter how it hurts means happiness?

People cry when they hear the word goodbye from someone they love. Goodbye doesn’t always mean forever, but the word seems death or hopeless. There are goodbyes that good to last while there are temporary goodbyes only for the meantime. But what made this word so painful to say or hear that in any possible reason no one wishes to use this word either. Does the word goodbye a bad omen,

does saying goodbye the person won’t come back again, or does saying the word means the end of everything? Of course not, the only reason why it hurts to say or hear the word is because, it means separating from the one we love. The mere fact that one we love will be temporarily physically away from us, gives indescribable pain. That is given, but do you know

that not all goodbyes are sad?

There are goodbyes that do not give us pain. There is a separation that never hurt our feelings. Saying goodbye to a bad habit is one good example, saying goodbye to a bad influence should never be felt sorry. Same thing with people that we once knew someone that becomes a part of us. People we love and care but never give us importance; they are not worth a tear for our goodbyes. There are people in our lives that never know how to appreciate our effort. No matter how we offer our love, they never have enough. Those people who only knows our value when they needed us are selfish, so why let them stay. There is always the right time for everything, and letting go of these people is now. Say goodbye with a smile.

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