What Is This "no Vacancy" This Valentineís Day

You might have read this common signage in-front of hotel, motel, and drive-in establishments this Valentine’s day.

What business is in for this season? Aside from those hotels, motels, and drive-in places; flower shops are also in demand for this season of love. I am not sure what business is on top, but let me try my own survey with a wild guess :p.

Number one is flower shop. Why flower shop? Flowers are sweet and girls cannot say no to flowers (well, maybe not all girls for I have read somewhere there are girls who are not fond of flowers

aside from those who have allergies with pollens). Flowers are cheaper compared to jewelries or a trip to Paris (unless you lived there) so, for sure it’s the top seller for this season.

Number two is chocolates. Well, with or without any occasion, chocolates is never out of every cart (yes, even men love it aint?) But, for this occasion, I am sure chocolates is number two as top seller. Girls love flowers and chocolates are best combination (best combination?). Not for eating combination, but best combination to make a girl smile (hope for the sweetest smile with matching hug and kiss-es)

Number three is stuffed toys. Recommended for ages between 18 to 25 (just kidding- age doesn’t matter :p ) Make sure you bought the right one or else you will end up giving the cute little

thing to your kid sister or brother.

Number four is jewelry. Do I need to elaborate why this is the least in my survey lists? I assumed this is the least for no girl wants to received a fake or fashion jewelry in this occasion. And not all guys are Prince William or Bill Gates son. Anyway, not all girls are Paris Hilton or Princess of Geneva.

However, you’re awesomely perfect when you bring me all these stuffs in our date. In addition, make a special reservation in a private resort complete with live band playing my favorite songs while you handed whatever precious jewelry you have for me. Stuffed toys, I am not choosy, a big panda will do.

Am I forgetting my topic again oh no, what is this NO VACANCIES issue on this Valentine’s Day anyway. I see, I remember it now. This signage is often times seen in hotels, motels and drive- in places particularly on this occasion. For whatever reason why No Vacancies signages are placed at hotels, motels or drive-in apartelle; that I do not know. Do you have any idea guys?

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