Never Use Your Childís Life To Continue Yours

Do you have unfulfilled dreams and you wish to pass your frustrations to your child? Did you ever realize you are making a duplicate of yourself by doing this to your child?

Are you one of those parents who want to pass your unfulfilled dreams to your child? Are you one of those frustrated parents who wish their child to fulfill that dream to gratify themselves? It is understood that you want to become a doctor but for some reason you failed to pursue your dreams and you want your son to become a successful one in that field. You are

once a famous dancer but for some reason you stopped and you wish your daughter to continue your unfinished career. Yes, you are dreaming big for your child, for his/her future but, are you really giving him/her a life or you want him/her to live your life?

Before you decide for your child’s life consider they have dreams of their own. Your child also has interests he/she wants to explore. Be grateful if your son has same enthusiasm in the field of medicine like you. Be thankful if

your daughter wants to become the great dancer on top of your name. But, if your child chooses the other track opposite from the road you have walked once in your life, never feel disappointed. Bear in mind that once in your life you are given the chance to walk on that road but you did stopped midway.

Now that it is your child to choose the road he/she wants to walk on, don’t be the obstacle, instead walk with him/her and be his/her guide. So when he/she feels tired and wants to give up in the middle you are there to lift him/her so he/she can finish the race that both of you started. Isn’t two people rowing the boat with synchronized movement will finish the race faster and smoother than two people paddling with opposite direction.


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