Never Stop Anyone To Give You The Chance

You only live once so never miss every chance that you have. You have the chance to love and be love then go for it. You got the chance to make someone happy by breaking your heart, give it a chance maybe you deserve someone else.


Even if it means breaking your heart, give it a chance to hurt you once maybe you deserve someone else that is why. Remember that you only live once in this world, so no matter how it hurt let go of someone who wants freedom. Sometimes eternal joy needs a sacrifice and if it means

tearing your heart apart give it a try. It is the person who hurts you and not love anyway. Let love grows in the heart of someone who deserves you and your love.


Keep in mind that when you love someone never expects love in return. Love given freely should never ask acknowledgment. Be content it grows in your heart. Sometimes we look for something that we have given, and then it is

like looking for our own reflection then. Give someone a chance to hurt you at the same time you are giving yourself the chance to forgive. By doing so, you are also giving others the chance to change and repent.


Never be offended when people say a word that you dislike. You are giving them the chance to prove yourself that you are not bad. Do not hate someone who never respect you, it shows that you are humble than anybody else. When you are misjudged it means your conscience is clear from doubting others, so never feel bad when they talk behind your back. Yes, let them say what they want and let them do what they like. You are giving yourself a chance to know who you should trust.




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