Never Say Why

Usually people ask why when they are in trouble, but never ask why when they are contented and happy. People complain for unanswered prayers, but never complained for blessings they deliberately received.


You ask why when tears fall,
But you never ask why while laughing.
In times of sadness you uttered why,
Yet you never say why with happy moments.


God oh why, when you have worries,
But you never said God, thanks for all the blessings.

/> Why I suffered pain, is what you complain,
Yet you never bow down your head for many years.


Don’t ask why if don’t know to say thanks,
Never complain if you don’t accept your mistakes.
Why are you asking why if you don’t recognize goodness,
Stop wondering

why if your heart doesn’t know repentance.


Crazy are people, who don’t know peace,
Fools are the ones who always complain of unanswered prayers.
But never complains for blessings daily given.
A greedy heart lives within thy crocked minds.


Don’t say why with a cloudy mind,
Never ask why with a doubtful heart.
For you will never find the answer from heavens,
If you never believe, there is an eternal life!

Article Written By juny

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