Why Can I Not Love You

Last night I saw my dreams shattered right before my eyes. I saw my world suddenly crash, broken into pieces of disappointment, bitterness that I could almost taste it.


You’re like a dream
I can see but I cannot touch
You’re like a star
Too far to reach
Too far to hold
Every night you came
To give me hope
To shine my world


Last night is the night
Stars seems to hide
I cannot see my dream
Seems hope is gone
A dark cloud shadowed my world

crushed my heart
I tasted my tears
With bitterness and pain

Why love
If it means hurt
Why smile
And then cry
Why laugh
When tears need to fall
Never say hello
If you say goodbye

Where do you run to when you had a broken heart? Whom do you run

to when you want to cry and need someone to listen and share your feelings? Where there is love, why there are tears? So many questions, but the answers are so few.

 Do you know any possible reason why we hurt someone we love? I may sound expert when it comes to writing and expressing my thoughts, but, no, I don’t even know how to handle myself. I wish to know few reasons why, I might find the answer to my own question and realize how sweet it is to love again.

Article Written By juny

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