Never Make A Bullfrog Angry

My son share this video from Facebook and I cannot help to share this with you too guys. The video is short, but enough for you to see why I wrote the title “never mess up with a bullfrog” (^_*)


I remember when I was a kid; I also use to catch frogs when it rains. But never as big like the one in this video, that’s kind of big and looks scary with those bumps on its back. Watching the video gives me a little creepy feeling, how does it feel bitten by that bullfrog?

It has been years since I

got the chance to hold a frog, a small one only guy (hehehe) I am not fond of slimy creatures but I am not afraid huh. I can touch a frog, earthworm, spider and other insects, ohhh caterpillars I like the big eyes.

I like catching dragonflies and I admit I am a little mean with those lovely flying tiny

dragons. I use to tie a thread on its tail and let them fly, duh, bade me (that was before). I never recommend it to my kids though, I let them catch one and ask them to let it go after they got the chance to hold and see how it looks like. But my kids miss frog. Yes, there is no frog these days anymore. My son wonders if we can find one from a pet shop. Goodness, I don’t want to think they’re interested to have a frog as pet now.

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