Who Are You To Judge Me?

Yes people easily judge and cast misconception without knowing the real you. Regretting for words uttered cannot be erased by sorry, but will leave emotional scar for the concern.



Who are to judge me?
You, yes you, do you know me?
Why you are looking at me that way,
Am I ugly who looks like a sore in your eye?
Or a beauty that you admire deep in your mind.


Who are you to judge me?
Are you perfect and

haven’t done anything wrong?
Don’t tell me what is right or what is wrong,
Make your life a peaceful home
Before you cast your verdict and bestowed me guilty.


Who are you call me with names,
Did you try to look at yourself without a mirror?
Don’t dare to point a finger on me my dear,
You might be

pointing the wrong direction
And shot yourself with your own judgments.                  


Never give conclusion when you have doubts.
You will regret every mistake when it has done.
Do not say a word when not confirmed,
Or else the law will turn the tide,
And bring yourself in jail full of why.


Never believed what your eyes have seen without knowing the real situation to avoid confusion and wrong judgment. Interfering is better than keeping a bad impression towards an innocent person.

Article Written By juny

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