Never Compare Your Life Story From A Book Or A Movie

Stories from a book are written by an author and stories from the movies are scripted by directors.  

Stories from a book are written by an author and stories from the movies are scripted by directors.


Sometimes when you read a book you linked yourself with the main character. You feel like you are reading your real life story. Likewise when you are watching a movie, sometimes you cannot avoid comparing yourself with the leading star. Life indeed is amusing that sometimes our story is like the one which is written on the book and a script from a movie or TV show. If a book has an author, where do you think the writer get the content of

the story? Don’t you think it is not adapted from someone’s life or just a fragment of the writer’s imagination? Who knows maybe it is modified from the author’s true to life story. How about those movie scripts, do you think every script is just a director’s idea or it comes from real events with real people behind every cut and retake scenes?


I agree there are famous writers with great imaginative powers who could write stories

from imagination. There are award winning directors who can make us believe the movie script exists in real whilst the story only comes from his/her dreams. Yes, authors and movie directors can make us believe in fantasy and dreams. Sometimes we cannot avoid comparing ourselves because we can relate with the story. Totally we understand the story because it happened in our life in the past. Maybe right this moment, the story is happening in us. If given the chance, would you like to publish your life story in a book or do you want a movie to promote it? Life is like a concept from a book, or maybe a script from the movie. But one thing is for sure, every book, every movie and every real life story has different ending.


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