Never Ask Why I Love You This Much

Does too much care and too much expression of love sounds questionable? If so, does showing a little concern will not give you more confusion of my true feelings towards you my love?

This is not the first time you ask me why, why I choose you. I know you have all the right to ask me any question and clear your doubt/s, but it hurts. Once again I want to tell you this. The moment you came into my life I never ask God why. I never ask myself why you, of all people why it is you. I never

ask my heart to love you either but it happens. You came into my life unexpectedly, the time when I least expect that I am capable of loving someone. It’s been a long time since my heart stopped beating in the name of love, (okay, loving someone in particular) but you made me so.

Why ME, that’s a very short and simple question anyway. But not simple to throw all your doubts and confusions. If the word “ I love you” is not enough to explain everything, why don’t

you tell me how will I prove my love to give you security. What proof do I need to show to give you the assurance that you are looking for. Make it easy, make it clear, I am willing to give and show anything to make you stop questioning. Do I have to kiss away your doubts or do I need to wish upon a star. Shall I shout it so the whole world will know, or should I whisper it to you?

I never pick you because I am not choosing, I did not choose you because, I am not looking. But you came to me one morning and before I knew it, you made me feel love again. Is this what they call soul mate, so be it. Is it destiny or fate, then who am I to disagree. So please, don’t ask me why, but let it be, yes…say “Let it be Me”.

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