My Unique Online Love

I don’t know where this kind of love would lead me to, however I am happy and not complaining nor demanding.

I don’t know where this kind of love would lead me to, however I am happy and not complaining nor demanding.

I love someone who is already committed. I knew it from the start and he never insists his self to me never at all. In fact, I begged him to allow me to love him without him acknowledging the love I am offering. It is me who ask and set such condition, does it sounds odd or confusing? I may look funny or fool, yes you can judge me, but once again, look around I know I never did

anything wrong. He is far from me, too far for infidelity.

We communicate, we did talk a lot, he taught me so many things and inspires me to write. He encourages me to explore and discover my interest as simple as that. Not the usual online relationship that only talks about love, passion or desires, NO, ours is a different story a different kind of love to write. Not even the age difference becomes a hindrance; indeed, it brings us more closer and give us understanding to know each other well. We never talked about the future, never talked about us living together; it never goes in our minds.

I am happy when he is around even though we’re not

chatting. How it is? Well, as long as I saw him online, I sent him a short message, and he responded that gives me satisfaction no words can express. I can start with my sites with a smile, post my articles and send him link to know his reaction and his comment. He is my mentor, he is my critic, he inspires and he disappoints me sometimes. He made me laugh, he made me cry but in the end, he will send kisses to brighten my day and have a good sleep at night.

Sounds ironic may sound folly?

Nevertheless, this is the truth behind my online love. I confess it happens and I can prove that online love is not all about passion and desire. Online love can be true without lust to pollute a pure heart. Was it hard to believe, I am not forcing anyone to agree. My online love is unique; one of a kind that I never thought it could be like this. On the other hand, I consider myself lucky to find a man who loves me with no condition, loves me like no one can.

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