Trophies And Love Of My Life

They give me strength to face the morning with courage when sun refused to shine and rain stops falling from the sky.

They give me strength to face the morning with courage when sun refused to shine and rain stops falling from the sky.

My first trophy was an Angel. A lovely angel without wings, no halo above her head that made my womanhood complete. I labored for three days before she came but I never complain. She was my first joy who defines the real meaning of motherhood and made me understood how my mother suffered the same pain. She was a chubby baby, so cuddly with red cheeks that compliment her fair cottony skin. She was everyone’ fave in the family

especially her granny as she is the youngest baby. From a chubby bubbly baby now she turns into a lovely lady. She is my only angel and a princess to her younger brothers.

My second trophy I called a Model. He was born before noon, with long legs and sideburns that everyone noticed inside the operating room. My doctor says he needs observation for few days in an incubator, due to my stubbornness and firm decision. It was my fault I know and blame myself for being a fool. I insisted to deliver him thru natural way but still ended with a knife and needles. I cried watching him, too fragile inside the tube, so helpless and so cute. But, now he has grown
up into a young man, no trace of that helpless baby who stayed a week inside a tube to survive and be cured.

My youngest trophy is a young Prince. I choose his birth date thu I never predict. I accepted my fate; never experienced the natural birth. This time I willingly signed and set the date for the arrival of my prince. I had a good chat with my ob-gyne with a soft music as background while waiting for my prince to come. The whole room was covered with blue curtains and light bulbs above with people dressed in white wearing a lab suit surround me. Then I hear my prince cry and my doctor put him in my chest for sometime before I was dozed off for the closing ceremony. Now my young prince is not my prince alone, as many girls are trying to catch his attention.

They are my trophies and my reward I possess. Like any other, mother who risk their life to bring a life on this earth. A little frustration might be there, for not experiencing how natural birthing feel. Yet, I can claim I am fulfilled, for being a mother, a friend and a critic to them.

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