My New Year’s Wish To Expertscolumn

It’s December 31, 2012 Monday Philippine time and everyone is busy preparing foods for the media noche buena or midnight meal a celebration traditionally observed here in our country.

I know everyone is busy preparing foods, gifts and entertaining guests for this coming New Year but I am sure some Expertcolumn writers’ takes time to visit the site as well. I am also excited to check my achievements for the last two months (November and December) since the double earnings bonus started. I know my achievement is not as good like the others but maybe not the worst either. Here is

my earnings’ latest update as of today dear friends;

Total lifetime earnings (including referrals): - $298.43
Completed pay-outs: -$285.00
Pending withdrawal requests: -$10.00
Earnings available: -$3.43

I am still short of $1.53 to reach $300 and I only have more than 7 hours remaining before the year 2012 end here in the Philippines (approximately less than 22 hours Expertscolumn time) whew, so close to reaching $300 but I never lost hope. I feel embarrassed for not reaching my goal, which is

to reach a thousand columns before the end of 2012. I wish the coming New Year 2013 will be a more productive year for me as well as with the other Expertcolumn writers.

I am also hoping to receive my pending withdrawal requests of $10 until tonight to complete my $35 earnings for the month of December. The last month of November, I only reached $20 despite the double earnings bonus from Expertscolumn with total views of 17,929. I am happy to see the increase with my December earnings and I am crossing my fingers to earn that $1.53 before the year ends. Yes, that is my new year’s wish from Expertscolumn (with all my heart). :p
Happy New Year dear Expertscolumn writers and wish everyone the best of everything for this coming 2013.

♥ ♥ ♥ juny® ♥ ♥ ♥
4:25pm Monday

3:13pm Saturday

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