My Misunderstood Love

“I found love when I am ready to live my life alone and settled myself that I won’t love again. But you came into my life without any warning and I tell myself why not give it a try. I gamble again in this game called LOVE.

But…I don’t know if this time I can claim “love is mine forever”


Why am I so unlucky in love?
Am I holding love too tight that make it breathless and it dies?
Am I holding it too loose that I lost grip and someone can stole it before my eyes?
Am I

too lax or over confident that I own love like a possession.
Am I too domineering that makes you feel less a man you are ?
Am I too caring that you lost your freedom?
Am I too passionate that you feels boring without fun, don’t I never knew humor at all?
Am I too honest that you doubted my words, you feel I am just pretending it all.
Am I too understanding to make you feel uneasy and make you feel worry.
Am I giving too much, giving it all that
you can’t bear to take everything in reality.
Do I love you with too much greatness that you feel I am cheating behind.
Am I giving you everything that made you feel you haven’t given a part of you?
Am I giving you a world of fantasy that gives you doubts if I am thinking with anxiety?
Or I haven’t done enough to make you feel how much you mean to me?
You maybe have doubts that I am just playing with your around.
Why can’t you listen to your heart?
I am sure you will find the answer to my MISUNDERSTOOD LOVE!

 But…I don’t know if this time I can claim “love is mine forever”



6-12-2012 1:28am Tuesday

Article Written By juny

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