All About My Youngest Baby

My youngest son turned 13 yesterday. How time flies where he used to cling with me and too scared to be alone even for a minute.

I choose October 20 for his birthday. Yes, I did not predict his birth, but I did choose the date when my doctor asks me what date I preferred for my youngest son to be born. However, choosing the right time is beyond my control and not in my hands to direct anymore. I saw him at exactly 8:23P.M., weighing 8 lbs. and measures 48 cm. long.


Amazingly, he started walking when he’s eight months old

and start talking before he is one year old. He is his elder sister’s pet and she adores him a lot like a precious gift. He grows into a jolly kid, naughty but not a bully he is. His eyes admired by little girls
as he smiles with dimpled cheeks, enough for little girls to gigs. He loves to sing even though he doesn’t know the lyrics well and put his own words to rhyme with the tune he sings.


He was eight years old when a traitor virus attacked him that I almost cost his life. Thanks God, he was spared and let this angel live. Now he turns 13 and grows taller, that really surprised me. I gazed upon his face trying to trace, where is my little baby whom I breastfeed. How time flies, how time gone fast. My little love now turns into a young prince that woes more heart not only of little girls but also ladies on the streets.

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