Does Life Begins At 40?

Life begins at 40, how do you see this saying and what does this saying implies? How this saying does apply in your life, the moment you reach 40, is there any difference, in what aspect?


Some people say that by the time you reached 40 you must/should be very successful financially and have a happy family. I think this is not applicable to everyone, not to every couple and married ones. The average age for job retirement is between 60 to 65 years old. It means, we need to work till we reach such age, whether employed or having owned

a business. Nevertheless, some people become successful, wealthy, rich and famous at very young age, which was luck, fate or destiny. Not to mention the ones who were born with “silver spoon”.


Speaking from my own experience and observation, life at 41 with 3 kids and being single is full of challenges. When my kids are smaller, I thought once they grow up into young teens I would not be having hard time taking care of them since they can manage themselves already. But, I was wrong. Having three young teens is much harder a hundred times than having toddlers who can’t use the toilet alone. Unlike a toddler who listens, and knows how

to follow simple instructions, young teens don’t and seems to know everything. I am always at the losing ends when it comes to arguments, how I wish they never grow and stayed little kids to take care (lols, I am sure no kids ever wish to stay a kid)


On the other hand, I love the way they are, I have no choice either (^_^).


I have time with my friends which I missed when I am busy being a full time mother for many years. My friends who are single ladies and certified bachelorettes. Oh, yes, single ladies ranging from 25 to 35 years old. Now I know the difference, and there is no difference at all. Age is just a number that might shows with few lines and wrinkles. Being matured, more firmed when it comes to decisions. Knows how to handle oneself emotionally (sometimes) and wants to stay young physically (laughs). Whatever the reason maybe, all I can say is, I love being matured, a mother of three hard headed teens and my life has just begun now that I am 41.

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