In My Journey Of Finding True Love

All my troubles and fears are packed cause I am ready to throw it all away. I have made up my mind to start this journey of finding my long lost love in the wilderness.

I bought courage from a legion of nightmares
 I found courage from the abyss
I saw a new hope from a dying vow
And felt another dream from the prison of bitterness.

I awoke from a forgotten promise of destiny
I ran away from a fallen fragile of passion
I forsake the impulse of desire to return the cursed pledge of love
Because I have learned that

love was unconditional.

Snail mail would be so sweet thinking the personal touch of handwritten letters. However, I choose the internet as my first step in this journey of finding true love. I am not sure how long will it take me to travel on this first ride of my search, but whatever the result maybe it won’t cost me a dime. I landed on a dating site and joined the group of adventurers. I started to look to whom should I walk on this

journey that no one knows where it goes.

A profile of a smiling angel caught my eyes, the picture of innocence stares at me like saying hi. I said you’re so cute my son and the angel gladly said hello how are you my dearest Juny. So delighted by the response and I again I said are you my angel in disguise? The angel said, shall I submit my application or will you send me your agreement? Oh boy what a naughty angel asking me such a question, but I am happy to meet this beautiful angel on my first expedition. Let me see how long will I endure the wait or how short the distance that I shall take to find true love in this journey on the net.


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In Search Of Finding True Love