My Home Sweet Home, Baguio City Philippines

I was not born in this lovely town known as the Summer capital of the country Philippines. However, this is my father’s home and my ancestors. A place I always called my home sweet home and a place I run to each time I want peace and serenity.

Baguio City is also known as; Pines city due to pine tress that dominates the whole forestry of this highland. The cold weather it provides the whole year round made this place a great choice for honeymooners and the country’s leading tourist spot for century.
Let me give you a tour to

my hometown, to places where lovers and tourists never missed to visit.
Let me start from the heart of the city where this famous park is located.

Burnham Park; it was named after the American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham. The park featured a man made lake where you can enjoy boating and bicycle rides. The park is fenced with flowers and tress and the whole area is carpeted with carabao grass where you can freely sit for a rest, thou there were benches all around, but the travelers mostly prefer squatting on the ground. This is the oldest park among city’s park and the biggest one to accommodate city’s event (every event).

Few minutes ride from the park (Burnham Park) you can enjoy the horse back riding where Wright Park is located. Horse back riding is one of the city’s highlights for tourist, where you can rent the horse to wander the Marlboro and Green Valley country and golf club. Marlboro and Green

Valley country and golf club offers great facilities and services for sports/golfers in particular. The great forest of Marlboro country will give you the feeling of a good horse rider when you wander the forest riding a horse. You do not need to worry if you are not an expert with horses, the pony boys association can provide you a pony guide and instructor.

If you are not a sports minded and not interested to explore the vastness of golf course and forest, you can choose to visit the Mansion house while riding the horse. Mansion house is just ahead of Wright Park, so, if you do not wish to rent a horse you can take the stairs up and within few minutes, you will see The Mansion House.

The Mansion was built in 1908 as the official summer residence of William Cameron Forbes. The Mansion’s gate is a replica to one of The Buckingham Palace, London’s main gates. The Mansion’s museum contains the country’s presidential memorabilia. The Mansion is also the second official house of the country’s president.

Welcome to Baguio city,Philippines!


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