My Guy, My Man, My Friend

I have love a man who is my best friend, my man and my guy rolled into one. It is not every day that you will find three characters in one man and I am lucky to posses one.


My guy,
He say’s I like you, I said I love you.
He say’s I missed you, I said I want you.
He say’s stay with me, I said, I am with you for always.

My man,
He showed me the way to his heart, never complained never demanding.
He keeps me close to him, never accused never doubted any of my words.

/> He is my soul, I am his spirit, he is my breath, I am his heartbeat.

My friend,
My guy who loves me more than words can ever say, and I love him more than this world could ever see.
My man who stands with me until the end and I will stay with him until time never ends.

/> My guy, my man and my friend, HE is the 3 men in my life rolled into ONE!


Love never sees the wrong in you, rather loves you more when things went wrong.

Consider someone you love as a friend, someone to lean on, a buddy, to laugh and cry with.
There are times that friendship lasts than being a lover.
If you have to choose, would you take the risk of loving your friend and lost in the end, or stayed in friendship and love him/her silently forever.



6-14-2012 1:31am Thursday 

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