A Motherís Wish - A Poem

Do not wait for the day that you lose your mother then you will realize how hard it is without her by your side. No matter how you regret then, she can’t hear and feel any of your pledge.


She wishes nothing but life and fortune
For her little children to grow in bloom
She left nothing for herself to gain
But pray for her children to reach their dreams



She never sleeps when a child is sick
Wishing to take the pain and place herself in bed
Her worries never end like nightmares
Until her child becomes well and fit again


She wipes your tear and makes you smile
She is in tears before you ever cry
She can feel when something is bothering you
And she knows when you are in sorrow


Before you say a word she knows what you feel
Before you ask forgiveness she understand what you mean

/> She doesn’t need an explanation but she needs you to share
She never asks you to love her same, respect is enough to hear

Her love is immeasurable, her love is divine
Your pain is her burden a cross on her shoulder
Your happiness is like a morning full of hope
Your achievements made her life completely whole


Mothers never ask more than a kiss or hug
Mothers never wish for a gift or any material things
All she wants is a simple word by heart
“I love you mom” is that hard to tell her?

4:43am Saturday


Article Written By juny

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