A Motherís Heaven On Earth

In every mothers heart there is a hole that only a precious child can fill the emptiness of it. Precious child is a mother’s heaven on earth.



In a mothers heart and sight
Every child is precious and unique
In a mothers smile there is a hope
Watching her precious child grow
And guiding every small steps and go


In mothers heart and sight
Every child is beautiful
A mothers pride deep in her soul
Full of proud she shows the world

/> Because every child is wonderful


In a mothers dream
Every child is a gift
A mother’s greatest achievement
A crown she wore
An award she treasure


A mother’s wish is not hers anymore
But for her precious child to live
A long life and success
For she wishes nothing but,
A happy life for her child to reach



Precious child you are the light
You are the star in your mother’s night
You are the love who fills the hole
In your mother’s empty world
That once she owned


Precious child, precious child
Unique in different ways
That only a mother knows what is the best
Precious child you are
A mother’s heaven on earth


5:05am Saturday

Article Written By juny

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