A Poem For Mothers

She carried me for nine months,
She risks her life to let me see the sunlight.
She smiled the moment she heard me cry,
She cried when I giggle and laugh for the first time.

She suffered same pain when I am not well,
She cannot sleep till I am awake.
She never leaves my side praying and in tears,
Wishing to redeemed my sickness and find her breath when I am out of danger.


She is my guide from small steps, to bigger leap.
She caresses every bruises and even my heartache.
She celebrated my success and appreciates when I failed,
And never stops pushing me to reach my dreams.

She smiled when I was born,
She managed to smile the day I leave her side.
She held me in her chest when she breastfeed,
 She hugs

me tight and watched me face, a new life’s phase.

She is the only person who knows me since birth.
She is the first woman who sees me naked and all,
She is the girl who loves me first, now and till the end,
She is my mother, who gave me life, to meet you in this life.

Some mother looks like a rival to their daughter’s in-law, or a monster to their son’s in-law.
Whatever you, they, he, she thinks of their in-laws, one thing is for sure.
This monster or rival is the one who gave life to your husband/wife.
This woman risk her life to give your husband/wife a life.

Article Written By juny

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