The Most Precious Currency In The World

What currency got the highest rate in the stock market today? However, I know a precious currency and most valuable that we human can spend. Time, yes, it is time, the precious and most valuable currency that we can spend in this life.

Time is the most precious and valuable currency that we can spend in this life whatever kind of status you hold in this life. You do not need to be rich to spend time in luxurious manner. Spending time wisely will not make everyone materially rich either, but make anyone realize the importance of wasted time. Let us

take quick calculations with how people spend a 24 hours everyday of their lives. Usually an adult or working person sleeps 6 hours a day, 1 hour for breakfast, grooming, 1 hour for transportation and another 8 hours in the office. That already makes 16 hours, which means, only 8 hours remains for other things. Therefore, how do you think someone spend the remaining 8 hours?

After office hours, maybe a bachelor spends another 4 hours with friends. In case of family man, maybe he or she spends another 2 hours for overtime before going home, 1 hour for transportation and dinner upon arriving home. Before going to bed, maybe one spends another 2 hours for watching a favorite

show, movie or reading. How much time remains with family bonding and quality time with kids, wife or someone special? Perhaps one might say, “we have it during weekends” and that would be great if anyone can spend a whole day with family on weekends, guess that is enough to compensate for the whole weekdays of absence. Not actually physically absent, but emotionally absent in the sense of quality time with loved ones.

Wait, did anyone miss one more important thing to spend a little time with? How much time you spend for your prayers? Not the daily routine of prayers like, before going to bed, upon waking up in the morning and before taking meals. Nevertheless, did you consider how much time you spend talking to Him, inside a church or inside your heart? Anyway, who gives you time to spend with, who gives you life to spend with time? Are you one of those who only remember Him when in trouble, having problems and thanking Him when your birthday comes? Time is the most precious and valuable currency we can spend in this life, and a little time is more than enough to thank Him who give us time to spend in this life.


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