Most Exciting And Thrilling Dating Show Is Dating In The Dark

Another reality show for people who are seeking love is Dating in the Dark. This is more exciting than a Blind Date and more thrilling than “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”. Anyone out there who wants fun and exciting way of finding love, this show is guaranteed to give you hundred percent adventure of finding your future partner.

Dating in the Dark is another reality show for people who want to meet their future partner. This show is totally different from the other reality show that I have seen. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is a great dating show watched by many people. Viewers are even more

excited to know who wins and some have their own bets like in a beauty pageant. The participants in The Bachelor/Bachelorette are given the chance to date the “bachelor or bachelorette” and can do everything to attract the person or made some connection face to face. However, with Dating in the Dark dating show, the participants will stay in one house. Girls and boys will stay in separate rooms where they cannot see each other. They will meet and date each other in total darkness with an infrared camera to watch their moves and reactions.

Dating in the Dark is more exciting and thrilling compared to The Bachelor/Bachelorette. In Dating in the Dark, the participants will meet in a group on the first day in total darkness and on the following day will choose who they want

to have a single date. The one to one date will takes for few more days in the same process; they will meet and date in total darkness. They are given the chance for intimate moments like having a date in a pool but still in total darkness. They can touch and kiss each other depending on each participant if they wanted to. The aim of the show is to find love from inner feelings because personality does not matter at all. It is finding true love in the darkness, to prove that love is blind.

You may find it crazy, but watching the participants thrilled and exciting gives you the same feeling as well. On the final day, each partner will see each other in the light and after seeing each other, they will be given some time to decide whether to continue the relationship that they have started in the dark or walk out from the house. On this final stage, some partners choose to continue the connection and hope they have made the right choice. Some participants’ walks out from the house and leaving the other rejected without giving a chance to make the connection last. The common denominator of these dating shows is they cannot avoid breaking someone’s heart.

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