Most Devastating Phone Calls Of Your Life

What would you do if your love one called you desperately asking for help while struggling for life? Thus, you are miles away from him/her and you cannot do anything but to listen to his/ her agonizing voice. Torture calls that probably will drives you insane and give you nightmares for the rest of your life.

Imagine one fine day you suddenly receive a call from your friend asking for help because she were robbed and only had her dress on. Of course you will feel relieve that she is fine and will rush to console her. Then, one sleepy night

your cousin who lives across the street called you because she felt something scary and she is all alone in the house. Perhaps you feel a bit irritation due to untimely call, but still you will go and check because you care. What if you are taking a bath and your mom knocks the door telling your best friend’s mom called to say your friend had an accident, I am sure you will not care to finish your bath only to reach where your best friend is. So many kinds of calls that probably gives a shock, surprise and jump of your life, but what if
your wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, or sister called you asking for help and suddenly the phone dies at the other end.

One of the most devastating calls I consider is the 911 attack where few victims manage to make a call to their loved ones before the building collapsed. Imagine listening to your beloved frantic voice because he/she never knows what is going on and you are not there to give a hand. That would be one of the hopeless and helpless moments of their lives. When a fire broke down from Villaggio shopping mall in Qatar, one of the victims was able to make a call to her husband who falls down to his knees in desolation hearing his wife pleading voice for help and the phone died at the other end. The desperate voices of victims will surely haunt the receivers for the rest of their lives. How devastating it is when you cannot do anything to save your love ones. That would be the most hopeless and helpless moment that one feels how useless he/she is.



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