The Moment Love Disappeared - A Poem

My smile dies the world starts living. My tear dries when the rain starts falling. My heart wins the moment love disappear. Maybe you can see me smiling looking at you but you will never knew the pain I am going through. I may lose your love but not the memory you left inside my heart.



Oh what a fun I can pretend how joyful I am
The whole world laughs with me; no one feels I am sobbing inside
Everyone says I am

a picture of perfect happiness
That I am strong being alone full of hope and courage
Because I am lucky with loneliness no trace of grudges


I am the winner everyone praises
I am the winner I have stored my unfortunate feelings
No one sees the loser curling inside my mind
Because everyone believes I am free and blessed
The moment your love disappeared in front of me



Shall I say thanks for hurting me or shall I curse this day
This wounded heart still cries your name everyday
The sound of my heart beating no one hears but me
Every scream, every shout, every pulse
Wishing you are here to hug and wrap me around your arms


I am the winner no one believes I am once a loser
Everyone says I have moved on easily as if nothing happened
I am the winner nobody knows that I am dying
No one understand my disturbed soul and in pain
I am the winner; the whole world sees love disappeared when I stare


1:12am Thursday

Article Written By juny

Last updated on 25-07-2016 44 0

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