This Is My Childhood Memories

Friends are people we met from different places, different situation and different stages in our life. Some friends stay; some were gone for a while and some, for a lifetime.

From childhood, we have peers who become a part of our childhood memories and we called them childhood friends. Lucky are the ones who have maintained a good relationship with their childhood friends. Growing up together, studying together, sharing interest and passion, sometimes a healthy love competition (but this is a very rare case, love is one of the most common reason to break a brotherhood/sisterhood friendship and this is not

my subject here). Childhood friends are the ones who really know us more than ourselves. They always remind us with our past, happy or sad, ups and downs they stayed with great compassion and love.

Remember those rainy days playing games topless so carefree and innocent. The wounds and scars from being so careless when climbing trees. Those stary nights when we are lying on the grass, staring at the heaven above hoping for a shooting star to pass. Believing that fairy tales do come true and wishing to dream a prince in our sleep. When summer came, there we are chasing butterflies or picking wild flowers in some field. The

river witnessed our innocence, swimming naked without any malice. Listening to the wind while birds singing in tune and in harmony with the flapping of leaves. There were fight time and quarrel with each other, but it never lasts for a day not even for an hour. The childhood days of laughter and tears sealed the friendship for those lucky ones who have childhood friends.

Some friendships are stickier than real goodwill of blood relationship. Both goes everywhere, think the same and always lend a hand when one falls down. Childhood friends together we build castles in our childhood dreams. A heart so pure that never knows hatred no anger, no envy, no greed. Wishing each other success and promised never to forget if fate made them separate. Not every story is the same, some childhood friendship lasts, some dies; some are forgotten by the time. However, as we get old while sitting alone we will always remember those childhood friends and childhood things. Without noticing that you are smiling alone reminiscing the past while nodding your head as if agreeing that, childhood days are once the best part of our life.

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