When Best Friends Become Best Lovers

A friendship that falls into a deeper meaning of relationship is likely to succeed. A good friendship is a great foundation of love, how true it is, how far does friendship takes two lovers into each other’s arms.

Not every love story starts with friendship and not all friendship ends into love stories right? Not every friendship that ends with love relationship also has success stories. Not every love stories ended up with friendship after breaking up either. Why make any relationship so complicated, but who am I to know every reason and who am I to stop any complication that

arises. Would you like to be friend with the one you love once you broke up, or you rather choose to keep a distant? Would you like to be friends after separation or prefer to forget the person without
a trace?

Thinking aloud, why can’t we remain friends after breaking up with someone we once loved. Why and what are the reason it’s not easy to maintain a good friendship with someone whom we once loved. Was it too hard to forgive the person who caused us pain after giving all the love? Is there any regret losing that someone that hurts you and being friends is not acceptable for you want another chance to love grow? Why it is so hard to tell a friend that you love him/her, fearing you might be accused of taking advantage with the situation. Okay, why am I troubling myself asking too many questions instead of writing a recipe (lolz)

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